Senior Caregiver Training

Caregivers assisting seniors know the real-life situations caregiving presents.  How do you transfer a senior safely from a bed to a chair?  How do you assist them to quickly get up to go to the bathroom?

Gait belts, sheet pulls and many other tools of the trade are taught to Certified Nursing Aides and Certified Caregivers.  Professional caregivers receive on-the-job training and ongoing training by their senior care company employers.

Senior caregiver training is now being required in many states in the U.S.A., in order to insure seniors are provided with quality caregiving services.

Senior caregivers may purchase a 10-hour online training for caregiver certification, meeting the training requirements for professional caregivers, including the 8-hour training required in the state of Illinois.  As this certification course teaches the basic caregiving skills and tests for retention, they are the standard training that is required for professional caregivers.

Review the Caregiver Certification training modules and purchase the 10-hour caregiver training course for yourself or your caregiver.




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Senior Caregiver Training Course

Caring for seniors involves many different skills.  Understanding how to communicate effectively and assist with Activities of Daily Living or ADL's. An online 10-hour course now provides caregiver certification and meets the training requirements for states where caregiver training has been set-up for licensed home care agencies.

The Caregiver Certification Course includes:

  • Duties of a Caregiver
  • Communicating with Others
  • Observation, Reporting and Recording
  • Providing Personal Care
  • Promoting and Maintaining Good Mobility
  • Elimination and Toileting
  • Infection Control
  • Environmental Hazards and Safety
  • Basic First Aid
  • Understanding Elder Abuse

Once the course is completed with quizes passed at 80%, a certificate of completion is granted.  This can be valuable training for family caregivers, as well as professional senior caregivers and assist with caregiver employment or be the beginning of training to find out if you would like to become a certified nursing aide.




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