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Senior care impacts everyone, including Americans who speak Spanish as their first language (or preferred language).   A recent estimates shows more than 50 million Americans enjoy a hispanic heritage and there are 3.7 million residents of Puerto Rico.  This makes people of a Hispanic origin the nation's largest ethnic or race minority.

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Medicare and Medicaid questions and professional senior caregiving options are concerns for all Americans and AARP VIVA Radio will explain Caregiverlist's useful tools for seniors and professional caregivers today.

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Caregiver Recruitment: Why Senior Care Companies Constantly Hire New Caregivers Weekly

Caregiver recruitment is an ongoing task as the senior care industry presents some unique factors that are not present in other industries.  Marketers like to track the "life-time" value of a client.  How much does it spend to market to a new client and then based on the length of time you will have the client, does the amount of money spent on marketing make sense?  in senior care, life-time value rings with reality.

Senior home care agency owners know that sometimes a client will begin senior care services and tell you that doctors have told them they only have a couple of more years to live and they will then live for many years beyond this.  Likewise, I have seen many hospice patients be discharged from the hospital and have life spans which were exactly opposite of what the doctor had told them.   I once started senior home care services with a senior who had just decided to move to hospice and he looked great and was completely mobile and functional when he went home from the hospital but once he was home he passed away the next day.  I have also provided senior home care services for a hospice client who was only suppose to have a few months to live and she lived for 4 years.  Each summer she would stash her fur in the storage unit for safe keeping and then need to pull it out in the winter again and tell us she was so glad she had not given it away.

As a hospice nurse told me, "people die when they are ready".  She had witnessed the spiritual aspect of leaving this world over and over again and after seeing so many different situations I began quoting her words to families with loved ones going onto hospice care.

This is exactly why senior care companies must hire new caregivers each week - - - to keep up with new clients who suddenly need senior care services (when deciding to leave the  hospital and begin hospice care) and when a family member discovers a senior has developed memory loss and is no longer safe to care for themselves or when a senior falls and breaks their hip - - in all of these instances senior care must start quickly.

Caregiverlist's Employment Index confirms senior care companies hire from 3 to 6 caregivers each week.  In addition to a constant flow of new clients, senior care companies must also keep up with the ever-changing schedules of their current senior clients as adult children may suddenly need to go away for the weekend or have more hours of service certain weeks.  In addition, the senior care companies must be able to plan for days off for C.N.A.'s and professional caregivers.

Refer-a-Friend to be a Caregiver or C.N.A. and be entered for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate and introduce someone to the fulfillment of working as a senior caregiver.  Anyone interested in working as a senior caregiver may apply for a job on Caregiverlist, the nation's only professional senior Caregiver Career Center created by senior care professionals.  You may also take a 10-hour online training course to learn more about the skills taught to professional caregivers.



Best Black Friday Deals 2012: Become a Senior Caregiver in Top Growth Career

Black Friday shoppers may be in need of a caregiver after battling the long lines, other shoppers and battling it out for a parking spot.  But this alone is not the reason more caregivers are needed now and more caregivers and nursing aides will continue to be needed in the U.S.A.


Seniors are living longer and there are more older American because the large Baby Boomer generation has entered into their golden years.  And, if you live to be 70-years-old, the odds are in your favor to live another 20 years.  However, you may need some assistance with your daily activities of living for some of those years.  This means anyone who has a caring personality should consider the benefits of becoming a senior caregiver and anyone needing part-time work may want to consider working in the senior care industry.  One huge benefit of working in senior care is receiving appreciation from those you care for along with appreciation from their family members.  Unlike some careers, constant feedback is delivered when you work in senior care.


Senior caregivers may work as a companion caregiver, a Certified Nursing Assistant (C.N.A.) and in some states, there is a designation for certified caregivers working in homes called a Certified Home Health Aide (New Jersey, Florida and California, to name a few).  In 1987, Congress established guidelines through the Ominbus Reconciliation Act (OBRA) to create standards for training and licensing for C.N.A.'s and requiring a minimum staffing level of C.N.A.'s in nursing homes and all long-term care facilities.


Caregivers may begin their careers as a part-time senior caregiver working for a senior home care agency.  This industry has continued to grow with more than 1,000 new senior home care agencies launching new locations in the last few years.  Professionally managed senior home care delivers many advantages over institutionalized care and provides the benefit of one-on-one care services (one dedicated caregiver assists the senior instead of a rotational staff of many caregivers and nursing aides provided in a care facility).


Anyone looking for part-time employment can consider working as a senior caregiver as most senior care companies provide training for companion care positions.

The large number of Americans aging is very real - take this online test to see how long you will live in this Life Expectancy calculator to see the reality that everyone is living longer.


High school graduates can research Certified Nursing Assistant programs at community colleges in their area (some provide tuition grants and some employers will pay for your C.N.A. school).

Retirees looking for fulfilling work and additional income may also consider becoming a senior caregiver.


Caregiverlist, the nation’s only professional senior caregiver career center, provides online tools for caregiving professionals.  You may submit a job application to join the Caregiverlist in your area and be hired by a professional senior care company.


Caregiverlist Career Center Tools Include:


Become a senior caregiver by submitting your job application on Caregiverlist and taking the 10-hour online caregiver certification training course.  You may purchase this course on Caregiverlist and receive a log-in and password to take the course at your own pace.  Upon passing at 80%, you will receive a Certificate to print out in your name which you may show your future employers.

Caregiverlist's Career Center provides a support community to not only access caregiver career tools but to also keep up on senior care industry news, ask a panel of senior care experts your questions and share your caregiving store - a perfect one-stop shop for anyone considering caregiving as a career.

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Meals on Wheels for Thanksgiving

Senior caregivers know that holidays can bring added stress for seniors.  More than half of Americans no longer live in the same city or town where they grew up.  This means that more than half of seniors no longer live near their children.

Cooking a Thanksgiving meal can be challenging for seniors who have age-related illnesses or memory loss.  But the holidays also bring many happy memories and offer an opportunity for seniors and senior caregivers to share memories with each other.

Meals on Wheels assists many seniors in the U.S.A. by delivering meals each day and also providing the added benefit of having someone who is checking in on them regularly.  The Meals on Wheels Association of America works with local community nutrition programs and with the local Area Agency on Aging.  

Many Meals on Wheels programs only require seniors to pay for the meals if they can do so and the fee is usually only around $2.00 for a complete nutritious meal.  Fundraisers allow the meal delivery program to make meals available to all seniors.

Thanksgiving presents an opportunity for volunteers to assist Meals on Wheels to deliver a dinner while also finding fulfillment that is delivered when you help others - - the gratitude of the season.

Find a Meals on Wheels program in your area if you know a senior who would appreciate a Thanksgiving dinner delivery or if you are looking for a way  to give of your time.  Find a meal delivery service for a local senior through your Area Agency on Aging.

Houston’s Interfaith Ministries is seeking volunteers to deliver meals on Thanksgiving morning starting at 10 a.m. and Meals on Wheels in Austin, Texas, is also seeking volunteers along with the Twin Cities in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Volunteer Match is one way to easily find volunteer opportunities - remember, the Science of Happiness says a “sense of purpose” delivers the most sustaining happiness and delivering meals to seniors on Thanksgiving delivers the joy right back to you.

Senior care companies are constantly hiring senior caregivers - both Certified Nursing Aides and Companion Caregivers (many times seniors with memory loss only require a trained Companion Caregiver).  If you may be interested in a fulfilling career as a senior caregiver, apply for a caregiving position on Caregiverlist, as senior care companies nationwide hire from “the Caregiverlist”.

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Free CNA Training: Find Free CNA Training Programs

Senior caregivers may work as companion caregivers or become certified as a nursing assistant or nursing aide.  Additional certification as a home health aide is offered in a few states such as New Jersey and Florida. 

Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant requires attending a state-approved C.N.A. course which is usually offered by community colleges and some high schools and technical colleges also offer C.N.A. classes.  However, now many senior care nursing homes also offer C.N.A. courses and will even provide them for free as long as you work for their facility as a C.N.A. for a certain amount of time upon completion of your certificate.

Remember, C.N.A.'s must pass the state C.N.A. exam to become officially certified.  You may review a free Sample C.N.A. Exam and a Practice C.N.A. Exam if you are thinkingn of becoming a C.N.A.  Ongoing job opportunities will be available to certified nursing assistants as the senior population in the U.S. lives longer, with the assistance of advancement in medical technology, but also requires personal caregiving.

How do you find free C.N.A. training courses near you?  Contact nursing homes which you may be interested in working for and ask them if they offer a C.N.A. course for potential employees.  Caregiverlist's nursing home directory provides the name and contact information for 18,000 nursing homes nationwide.  Larger nursing homes in large metropolitan cities often will provide either tuition assistance for C.N.A.'s or their own nursing assistant training program.

Norridge Healthcare and Rehabilitation in metropolitan Chicago, Illinois, provides a free C.N.A. training program but you must apply early and applications are competitive.

You may also contact the community colleges with C.N.A. programs in your area to inquire about financial assistance and if there are any grant programs or employers who will reimburse for training - many do so.

Become a companion caregiver for seniors by working with a senior home care agency if you would like to explore the field of senior care, as this is an easy way to gain experience before becoming a C.N.A.  Apply for a caregier job or C.N.A. job near you on Caregiverlist's Career Center.




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Caregiver Jobs Plentiful for Quality Caregivers

High unemployment rates continue in the U.S. economy.  However, new jobs continue to be offered for senior caregivers, both companion caregivers and Certified Nursing Aides (C.N.A.'s).  Why?  Because seniors are living longer and there is money to pay for the care from government-funded programs such as Medicare and private funds from seniors.  The World War II generation who lived through the Great Depression were and are savers and have the financial means to pay for care, even during the recent recession.  In addition, through Social Security benefits to pay for daily costs of living, the longer you live the more money your savings can accumulate.

Senior care positions will continue to grow as the baby boomer generation ages, this generation is called the baby boomers beause they were born to those who returned from World War II.

Learn about senior caregiver positions, read the caregiver job descripiton, find caregiver training programs and apply for a senior caregiving job near you. 

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