Holiday in Old Town: Stress Relief Photo

Merry Christmas morning if you are celebrating today. We invite you to take a moment to relax and enjoy our stress relief photo and inspirational quote and share them with loved ones. This week's photo was taken in the Old Town neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois. Thank you caregivers and certified nursing aides for your hard work and the care you provide for our seniors. More caregivers are always needed as seniors in America are living longer. You can learn more about becoming a senior caregiver and apply for a job near you. We hope you have a great week, and an enjoyable last few days of 2017.  

"Love the giver more than the gift."  -Brigham Young

Light in the Darkness: Stress Relief Photo

The frenzy of the holiday season is in full swing, so remember to take a moment to yourselves. Caregivers provide companionship and caregiving to seniors, and must remember to "care for the caregiver." We thank you caregivers and certified nursing aides for your hard work and caring for our seniors. This week's stress relief photo was taken in a church in Bonn, Germany. We invite you to take a moment to enjoy the photo and the inspirational quote and share them with loved ones. We wish you Happy Holidays and a great week. 

"Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness."  -Proverb

Holiday Style in Chicago: Stress Relief Photo

This week's stress relief photo was taken in downtown Chicago during Christmastime and the season's first snowfall. Holiday decorations brighten up the cold and gray world we often have at this time of year.  Please enjoy and feel free to share the photo and inspirational quote with loved ones. Thank you caregivers and certified nursing aides for your hard work and caring for our seniors. Senior care training assists caregivers to better manage a senior's care needs and manage caregiver stress. We hope you have a great week.

"When we are centered in joy, we attain our wisdom."
-Marianne Williamson

Stress Relief Photo: Feeling Festive in Connecticut

The holiday season is officially underway, and although it is a festive time, it is also busy and sometimes stressful. This week's stress relief photo was taken at the historic seaport in Mystic, Connecticut. Caregiverlist invites you to enjoy the photo and share it with loved ones. At Caregiverlist we know the realities of caregiver stress. Thank you caregivers and certified nursing aides for your hard work and caring for our seniors. Please refer your friends to apply for part-time and full-time job positions on and visit our career center for additional career tools. We hope you have a great week, along with some laughter and good humor.

"There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor."
-Charles Dickens

SpotHero Helps Caregivers Save Money on Parking

The SpotHero phone application helps caregivers find parking in busy cities and areas. SpotHero is a free parking app available for a caregiver’s smartphone and tablet. There are many parking problems in cities. It can be expensive and time consuming to find parking while traveling to a patient's residence. SpotHero can help caregiver’s save up to 50% on parking when they book a parking spot in advanced.

SpotHero allows caregivers to:

  • Find the cost of parking in any area  

  • Compare parking by distance and price

  • Pay for parking in advanced

  • See parking amenities

COST:  Free

SpotHero is free to use for every caregiver. Paying for parking is expensive, but finding cheap parking is free with this application. SpotHero partners with many companies to bring discounted parking rates for caregiver’s.


After downloading the SpotHero app, Caregivers can immediately start searching for parking in their area. Once parking is found SpotHero asks for an email and credit card number so the parking spot is guaranteed before the caregiver arrives. Parking in cities like, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and more is now cost effective. Caregivers can browse through many options to find the best place, and location to park.

By saving money on parking caregivers can now focus on furthering their Caregiver Training to help bring the best care possible.


Senior caregivers please give us your feedback on SpotHero!

Know about any additional caregiver Apps that excel at assisting with caregiving duties? Let us know.

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Digital Pill Aids Patients with Medication Adherence

Remembering to take medicine can be troublesome to those with memory loss, or for caregiver’s with busy schedules. For those with conditions such as Schizophrenia medical adherence is only possible with the help of a caregiver or tools such as pillboxes.  

WHO reported that in 2003 only 50% of patients suffering from chronic diseases correctly take their medication. The low percentage of adherence among patients has created a new market for medical tools to increase this figure.

CB Insights reported that a digital pill from Proteus and Otsuka called “Abilify MyCite” was recently approved by the FDA. The pill has a sensor that communicates vitals from a patient. This allows caregivers to monitor a patient's vital signs and medication intake digitally.

According to the creators of Abilify MyCite caregivers can use the MYCITE phone application to review the patient's information and medication ingestion at anytime. Permission can be granted to only certain individual so the patient’s information is always confidential. This breakthrough in medication adherence will help caregiver's ensure that their patients are receiving their medication correctly.

Currently Abilify MyCite is mainly used to treat conditions such as schizophrenia, but the new ability to track how medication is ingested can possibly be used with other medications. Possibly in the future, Abilify MyCite can help seniors with Alzheimer adhere to their medication.

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