Rhode Island Nursing Home Costs and Star Ratings Updated

Rhode Island is The Ocean State. And although it’s a beautiful state, with hundreds of miles of coastline, picture-perfect New England towns, and home to venerable ivy league Brown University, Wallethub recently cited the state of Rhode Island dead-last in the nation if you’re looking for a permanent and affordable place to retire.

Rhode Island doesn’t have the most expensive nursing homes in New England; that title goes to neighboring Connecticut. Rhode Island is the 10th costliest state in the nation for nursing home costs. The average annual price of a double room is $94,170 or $7,847 per month. However, you’ll find many quality nursing homes in Rhode Island. Over half of the state’s 87 nursing homes are rated 4 stars or better (out of 5 stars.)

Here’s a snapshot of the Caregiverlist® Nursing Home Index for Rhode Island for August 2016

Total Number of Nursing Homes: 87
Average Single Price: $288
Average Double Price: $258

Star Rating Snapshot:
5-Star: 7
4-Star: 47
3-Star: 27
2-Star: 3
1-Star: 3
Average Rating: 3.2

You can also see Rhode Island nursing home costs at-a-glance with our Rhode Island Nursing Home Cost infographic.

Which is the Rhode Island nursing home with the highest overall Caregiverlist star rating? The Rhode Island nursing home with the highest Caregiverlist® rating is privately-owned Briarcliffe Manor in Johnston, Rhode Island, which scores 4.6 out of 5 stars, no mean feat for a facility with 122 beds. The cost of rooms at Briarcliffe are slightly higher than the average Rhode Island nursing home — $325 and $300 for single and double rooms respectively (and certainly not the costliest in the state) but in this case, you may get what you pay for. And what is it that you get? I spoke with owner/administrator Akshay Talwar JD, CPA, LLM, who lives on the campus alongside his senior residents. “I think much of our success is due to ownership presence,” says Mr. Talwar. “We are deeply vested in the quality of care and we have a personal connection with those for whom we provide long-term care.” Another factor in the success of Briarcliffe Manor, according to Mr. Talwar, is his staff. Some key supervisors and managers have been at Briarcliffe for as long as 20 years.

Senior care costs, especially those incurred by long-term nursing home stay, is something most people don’t think about until it’s too late, usually after the Medicare-paid first 100 days of post-hospital rehabilitation. A good place for families to begin anticipating future costs is by talking to a professional and coming up with a financial action plan. Seniors and their family caregivers can also research nursing home costs and ratings in any state nationwide through the Caregiverlist Nursing Home Directory, the only resource with this trademarked information.

Rhode Island Nursing Home Cost Infographic for August 2016

Caregiverlist has released the daily rates of nursing homes in Rhode Island. With 87 nursing homes, the average cost for a shared room is about $258 per day. Rhode Island nursing homes hold an average Caregiverlist Star Rating of 3.2 out of 5 stars. Rhode Island's nursing homes are now the 10th costliest in the nation, but less expensive than its neighboring states.

Caregivers and Senior Clients Bond Over the Olympics Using App

Tonight the eyes of the world will be on Rio de Janeiro as athletes from 206 countries enter the opening ceremonies and prepare to compete in the games over the next two weeks. Senior clients may have a lifetime of fond memories of watching the Olympics every two years. Now senior caregivers have the opportunity to bond with their clients during the Rio games. Senior caregivers and their clients can keep up with the Olympic games over the next two and a half weeks using the NBC Olympics app. 

When users first download the app, they need to select whether or not they'd like to receive push notifications. For the more casual user, push notification might get annoying, but for someone looking to keep up with breaking news as the games progress, push notifications would be useful. The homepage of the app features Videos and News from Rio. Here users can read or watch the latest with Team USA, whether that be highlights from recent events or interviews. This area also includes a medal count which shows how many medals each top country competing has, and who has the most medals overall. 

Ask your senior client what their favorite few Olympic sports are and then navigate to the area marked, "See Today's Schedule." Here the list of events for the entire Olympics is broken down by day, with icons showing the various sports being played. If users click on a sport, they can see the specific event breakdown and the time it starts. For example, when clicking on "Swimming," it shows the list for that day including Men's 400 Freestyle Heats or Women's 100m Butterfly Semifinals. 

When users find an event they'd like to remember to watch, the app offers an alert button to flag it to remember to come back later. For the Schedule area, users can pick between listings for the online schedule or the local TV listings. It appears that the creators of the app have not yet pulled the TV listings into the app, but it does link users to the website in the time being. Users can even link their cable information into the app and stream games directly to their device. 

Use this as an opportunity to have fun with your senior clients. Ask them what their favorite events are or discover a new one that you've never watched before together. Ask about their memories watching the Olympics when they were younger, and how that experience might be different now. 

The NBC Olympics app is available for Apple and Android platforms. 

Senior caregivers, let us know your feedback on this app and keep us posted if you discovers additional apps that assist with caregiving duties and help relieve caregiver stress. You may also refer-a-friend to a senior caregiving job and win prizes weekly and monthly on Caregiverlist. 

-Paige Krzysko 

Certified Senior Caregiver Training

Certified caregiver training allows senior caregivers to verify their knowledge and understanding of specific caregiving skills. Many people still do not realize that the senior care industry has established specific training mandates for senior caregivers in many states as senior caregiving has become a profession.

What is certified caregiver training?

This training guides individuals through the basic caregiving skills and explains necessary terms and safety requirements and job duties for professional senior caregivers.

  • Caregiver training concepts usually include the following skills:
  • Safety (for Emergencies and Environmental such as Hurricanes, Earthquakes)
  • Care Plan Duties and Care Plan Notes
  • Personal Care
  • Understanding Age-related Illnesses such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and other forms of Dementia
  • Safe Transfers
  • Communication Skills
  • Identifying Elder Abuse (Physical, Emotional, Sexual, Financial)
  • Personal Care
  • Safe Environment and Infection Control
  • Meal Assistance
  • Emotional Care for Aging Issues such as Death and Grieving
Check out the basic caregiver certification training, meeting state requirements in many states and meeting the initial guidelines outlined by the senior care industry. Online training courses allow anyone to begin a professional caregiving career.
Caregiver Training University provides an overview of training requirements (and you can also find training in Spanish)!

Arkansas C.N.A. School Program Cost Update

Arkansas Certified Nursing Aide schools that are listed in Caregiverlist’s C.N.A. school directory provides all the necessary information to know to begin your career in healthcare. C.N.A. program cost, program length, and the requirements for each program are also included in the school directory.

Arkansas C.N.A. Certification Requirements

To be in an approved C.N.A. program, Arkansas requires that C.N.A.s must attend a minimum of 90 hours of approved training before completing the certification exam. Arkansas certified nursing aide schools require an average of 132 training hours for their programs and run an average of 6 weeks before the students take the C.N.A. exam.

How much does it cost to become a CNA in Arkansas?

The cost of an Arkansas nursing aide program runs between $450 and $1000, with the average being $725 per C.N.A. program. With any program, it is important to research to see if you qualify for financial aid. There are many reimbursement programs that will also pay for you to become a certified nursing aide. Completing your nursing assistant certification is just the beginning to a great career with plenty of job prospects offered at hospitals, assisted living communities, senior home care agencies, and nursing homes.

  • Arkansas C.N.A. Program High Cost: $1000
  • Arkansas C.N.A. Program Low Cost: $450
  • Arkansas C.N.A. Program Average Cost: $725

Find Arkansas C.N.A. schools in your area or submit a request for free C.N.A. information. More and more C.N.A.s and professional caregivers are needed on a daily basis due to an aging population and because people are living longer lives. Buy our caregiver certification training today or submit a job application for available jobs in your area!

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