Alzheimer's Talks at 1:30 EST Today

Alzheimer's disease can create the need for years of caregiving services.  Us Against Alzheimer's presents one will be ongoing monthly teleconferences today at 1:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

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Research senior care options in your area, including the daily cost of nursing homes nationwide.

Seniors in Japan Knitting to Recover from Tsunami

Japanese elderly are knitting their way back to emotional health after the Tsunami left their communities devastated and left many homeless.  Caregivers looking for beneficial activities to engage in with their senior clients can take a few notes from the success of the "Yarn Alive" program in Japan.

One lady shares that the knitting cheers her up so much that she is not lonely at night anymore and enjoys working on her projects.  There are more than 325,000 seniors age 65 or older who live in temporary housing in Japan since the Tsunami destroyed their homes.  Yarn has been donated from those in Australia, Scotland, Korea and the U.S.A.

The activity of knitting engages the mind with the hands to ignite a relaxation state and also uses brain cells when yarn patterns must be figured out.  Knitting is being called the "new yoga".  Read the Wall Street Journalreport on the senior knitters in Japan.

Caregivers can also engage their senior clients in activities such as making scrapbooks and photo books and discussing the memories from past events.

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Senior Caregiver Training

Caregivers assisting seniors know the real-life situations caregiving presents.  How do you transfer a senior safely from a bed to a chair?  How do you assist them to quickly get up to go to the bathroom?

Gait belts, sheet pulls and many other tools of the trade are taught to Certified Nursing Aides and Certified Caregivers.  Professional caregivers receive on-the-job training and ongoing training by their senior care company employers.

Senior caregiver training is now being required in many states in the U.S.A., in order to insure seniors are provided with quality caregiving services.

Senior caregivers may purchase a 10-hour online training for caregiver certification, meeting the training requirements for professional caregivers, including the 8-hour training required in the state of Illinois.  As this certification course teaches the basic caregiving skills and tests for retention, they are the standard training that is required for professional caregivers.

Review the Caregiver Certification training modules and purchase the 10-hour caregiver training course for yourself or your caregiver.




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