Caregiving Jobs: Explaining a Gap In Employment

Senior care recruiters are taught to look for dependable and trustworthy caregiving candidates.  In senior care, dependability is vital as most caregiving jobs require someone be present for the scheduled hours.  If a caregiver or Certified Nursing Aide cannot make it to their job that day, a substitute must be staffed and appropriately trained.  This requires a manager to be available to step in as a substitute or to train someone else.

One of the red flags in an employment application or on a caregiver resume is having a gap in employment.  As some caregiver turnover happens naturally, it is understandable that a caregiver may decide to take time off after a long-term client has passed away or if they improve and  no longer need care. This can happen especially after stroke rehabilitiation.

Learn how to address this issue in Caregiverlist's Employment News section and be prepared to promote why you would be a reliable employee in your job interview.  Then if you are available for employment as a senior caregiver, you may apply for a caregiving position near you.  You may also want to create a professional resume to promote your top skills.

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September 11th Memorial: Caregivers Remembered

Caregiving brings many challenges, along with many gifts.  Professional caregivers know that the job brings fulfillment along with the paycheck, even from senior clients who don't vocalize their appreciation.

The tenth anniversary of the September 11th attacks bring stories from survivors which include how the experience brought them closer to friends and family members.

One of the survivors, Lauren Manning, shares that she had left her home that morning and was in an argument with her husband.  She was burned on more than 80% of her body, after arriving to the World Trace Center late that morning, and a fireball greeted her from the building's elevator shaft.  She worked for Cantor Fitzgerald which lost 658 people on Sept. 11th.  Their office was on a floor above where the plane hit the building.

She describes her road back to health like "pushing a rock uphill every day".  But she is grateful to have survived and for the renewed relationships with her loved ones.  She says that immediately all of the little issues with her husband did not matter and he was a wonderful caregiver to her.  She wore pressure garments 23 hours a day to keep scar tissue from forming.  She participated in rehabilitation therapy for 5 years.

On Sunday, September 11, 2011, as we take time to remember the 10th year anniversary of the terrorist attacks, remember too, those who are your caregivers, in good times and bad.

As more Americans live longer, the cost of senior care continues to be a concern, along with the need for more caregivers.  Learn about caregiving costs and careers to plan ahead effectively should you ever need caregiving services.

Training is also a huge part of successful caregiving, as family caregivers quickly learn.  Review the basics for caregiver training and take an online course if you are considering becoming a caregiver (by choice) or suddenly become one because of a family care need.

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Nursing Home Costs: Find Daily Rates of Nursing Homes

Nursing home care usually comes as a last choice, when full-service care needs are necessary and when staying in the home is no longer an option because of upkeep and costs.  If a senior runs out of personal finances to pay for caregiving services, they will qualify for Medicaid, for very low-income seniors (assets usually cannot be more than $2,000.  Medicaid will pay for ongoing care in a nursing home that accepts Medicaid as payment.

Some nursing homes will not admit a new resident who is on Medicaid but if they have a private-pay resident who then spends down their assets and qualifies for Medicaid, they will keep them.  This is important to remember as it can allow you to have Medicaid services at perhaps a higher quality nursing home.

Review the daily costs of nursing homes in your area and the most important rating criteria on Caregiverlist, to better plan for your senior care needs and to be prepared for short-notice care needs after a major medical emergency.



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Caregivers Can Help Seniors with Healthy Aging

September is Healthy Aging Month and while good senior home caregivers take care of important elderly care needs, great senior home caregivers can help their elderly clients or family members live a richer and more healthy life as they age. Healthy aging not only helps the individual, but helps the economy by reducing the burden on the health care system. Here are some tips for healthy aging:

  • Stay active. Try to get some sort of physical exercise (with a doctor’s permission) every day. If you’re not used to physical activity, start slow. Walking is a wonderful way to exercise. Find an activity to enjoy. Perhaps take up a long-neglected hobby.
  • Eat well. Load up on high-fiber fruits, vegetables and whole grains. As much as possible, stay away from processed foods. Remember to stay hydrated.
  • Keep your mind sharp. Board games and puzzles can help keep your brain as active as your body. Take on a new subject, like learning a new language or acquiring computer skills. Take a class. New social connections can also help strengthen the brain.

For a more comprehensive look at healthy aging, read Living Long & Well in the 21st Century, Strategic Directions for Research on Aging, released by the National Institute on Aging.

Find great home caregivers to help with the process of healthy aging in place through a quality senior home care agency.

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Caregiver Jobs Plentiful for Quality Caregivers

High unemployment rates continue in the U.S. economy.  However, new jobs continue to be offered for senior caregivers, both companion caregivers and Certified Nursing Aides (C.N.A.'s).  Why?  Because seniors are living longer and there is money to pay for the care from government-funded programs such as Medicare and private funds from seniors.  The World War II generation who lived through the Great Depression were and are savers and have the financial means to pay for care, even during the recent recession.  In addition, through Social Security benefits to pay for daily costs of living, the longer you live the more money your savings can accumulate.

Senior care positions will continue to grow as the baby boomer generation ages, this generation is called the baby boomers beause they were born to those who returned from World War II.

Learn about senior caregiver positions, read the caregiver job descripiton, find caregiver training programs and apply for a senior caregiving job near you. 

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Find Senior Care Costs and Evaluate Nursing Homes

Senior care is something most people hope they will not need, so when the need does arise, it is often last minute.  Many times this leaves family members scrambling to find the senior care options and costs in their area. 

Remember, Medicare does NOT pay for long-term care in a nursing home, only short-term stays after a major medical incident.  Often seniors are transfered to a nursing home after a hospital stay to continue rehabilitation after a stroke or hip replacement, for example.

Caregiverlist provides the only resource for actual nursing home daily costs, along with the most important criteria from the nursing home's health inspection reports.  Inspections take place annually, at best, with many subjective items on their checklist.  One nursing home administrator told me, for example, that for 20 years their laundry room was considered safe and met all inspection criteria.  Then a new inspector walked in and told them it did not pass because the table was too close to the door to be safe.  When you review the list of inspection criteria, it is easy to see that many of them are subjective.

What does matter, though, are the criteria that is most able to be accurate, such as the Certified Nursing Aide-to-resident ratio.  Does the C.N.A. need to make sure 15 residents are up and out of bed every morning and bathed and dressed?  If so, you can imagine what happens if one resident has an accident in the night or if a couple of the residents are over-weight and need more than one aide to help transfer them.  This is why senior home care agencies are often hired to provide private one-on-one care for a senior while they are in a nursing home for rehabilitation and Medicare is paying.

Learn about senior care options and costs and then make a plan for your senior care before you need it.

Medicaid is the health insurance program for very low-income seniors and will pay for a nursing home ongoing.  However, it is very important the senior has an advocate if they are going into a Medicaid nursing home.  What comes with the territory is the usual undesirable items when folks no the bill is being paid by the government no matter what.  Some Medicaid nursing homes will provide the bare minimum. 

McKnight's Long-term Care News reported two nursing assistants were jailed for 20 days after a prank that involved coating seven elderly dementia patients head-to-toe with a greasy ointment so they would be "slippery" and difficult to handle for the next shift of caregivers at Valley View Skilled Nursing Home in Ukiah, California.

However, this might not be a huge surprise if you were aware of the rating for this nursing home.  It receives a 2-star rating from Caregiverlist.  You can review the Caregiverlist nursing home rating for Valley View Skilled Nursing home here and learn more about how the professional caregiving experts at Caregiverlist evaluate nursing homes.




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