American Idol Contestant Chris Medina Is Caregiver

American watched this past week as American Idol contestant Chris Medina shared his own caregiving story.  His fiancee suffered a brain injury in a car accident, leaving her unable to talk and in a wheelchair.  He has stayed true to his promise and continues as her caregiver and supporter and forged ahead with the singing contest in order to raise awareness of her condition and needs.

Professional caregivers know the toll caregiving can take, even when you are getting paid.  The singer has recorded a song which was written for him and the proceeds will go towards the caregiving for his fiancee, Juliana.

You may buy the song, "What Are Words" on itunes, to support this extraordinary caregiver.  As caregiving jobs continue to become available because of the growing senior population, you may learn about caregiver training and apply for caregiving positions in your area on Caregiverlist.

Senior Care Resume

Caregiver resumes should be updated each time a caregiver applies for a new job position.  A resume is your marketing material to highlight your strengths and showcase your skills.  A good resume for a senior caregiver will also provide insight to your personality.

Create a dynamic, attention-grabbing resume which also communicates your compassion and motivation for being a caregiver.

Use our free caregiver resume writer and apply for a caregiving job near you.

Find Senior Care Jobs

Senior caregivers gain fulfillment beyond a paycheck.  By working as a senior caregiver or certified nursing aide, you are able to gain new skills while assisting a senior with their activities of daily living.  You will also gain from the wisdom shared by seniors and find new challenges daily as no two days are ever the same.

Learn about caregiver certification programs, nursing aide training, caregiver background checks and apply for senior caregiving jobs in your area.

Senior caregivers may work part-time, full-time or as a live-in caregiver, sleeping at the senior's home at night for a few days in a row.

It is important to work for a senior care company which provides training and payroll benefits and insurance protections.

Senior Care Jobs Continue to Grow

Senior care jobs will continue to grow as the large baby boomer generation ages and lives longer because of advances in medical care.  U.S. News & World Report has reported that immigration reform may be necessary to keep up with the demand for senior care workers.

Senior caregivers may begin a career path as professional senior caregivers by starting as a companion caregiver and then becoming a Certified Nursing Aide or Home Health Aide.  Learn about the job descriptions, training and admission requirements of C.N.A. schools to begin a career that will guarantee long-term employment and job fulfillment beyond the paycheck.  Apply for senior care jobs near you as senior care companies are constantly hiring.

Medicare Payments for Nursing Home Care

Medicare benefits, for seniors who are 65 or older, only pay for short-term nursing home stays upon approval by a medical doctor that the nursing home care is required for recovery from a major medical condition.  Benefits pay for care for the first 20 days and a portion of care up to 100 days.  Medicare usually will approve nursing home stays after a hospital stay.

Seniors who have a very low-income and nearly no assets (usually $2,000 or less) will qualify for Medicaid which does pay for long-term care in a nursing home which accepts Medicaid payments.  Their is a provision to prevent spousal poverty which allows a spouse to keep the home and some assets while the other spouse may run out of private funds and go onto Medicaid to pay for the nursing home care.

Learn about the actual daily prices of nursing homes nationwide and acceptance of Medicare or Medicaid benefits in Caregiverlist's exclusive nursing home costs and ratings directory.

Medicare Fraud Strike Force Finds Home Health Kick-backs

Home health care fraud was included in indictments of 111 defendants today for Medicare and Medicaid fraud, filed by Attorney General Eric Holder and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.  The investigations carried out by the Medicare Fraud Strike Force that are targeting Medicare and Medicaid fraud.

Medicare programs amount to more than $500 billion and because of ineffective monitor systems of providers, fraudsters have been attracted to becoming providers.  The Wall Street Journal has filed suit for access to records of payments made to medical doctors via Medicare to assist with holding accountability.  The American Medical Association previously won a suit against the government in 1979 to keep records private.  It is believed by some that by having access to this information, nonprofit organizations, newspapers, state medical boards and others with interests in fairness and legal management of government programs would hold providers accountable.

One of the defendants is a medical doctor in Dallas who was receiving kick-backs for home health care referrals by seniors who did not need the home health care.

Apparently one doctor in Detroit can't count either - he billed Medicare for removing 18 toenails on one senior - but a the same time, with technology allowing for efficiencies, it is too bad Medicare doesn't have better systems in place to stop a payment like this from happening in the first place.  Another doctor billed for 85 hemorrhoid removals on one patient.

Secretary of Health and Human Services Sebelius agrees that Medicare needs to have better reporting systems to catch fraud before it happens and says O'bama's new health care plan does include better systems.

The Wall Street Journal has been pushing for better systems, too, and mined a database to discover the top billers were some of the top fraudsters.

Learn more about the cost of senior care, including nursing home prices nationwide.

Find Caregiver Jobs

Senior caregivers who have begun caregiving by assisting friends or family members may want to consider pursuing a career in senior care.  As the baby boomers age, and medical technology advances, there will be more seniors and they will live longer lives while needing some care assistance.  Along with the capability to keep people alive longer comes the reality that sometimes the longer lives do require caregiving to maintain activities of daily living.

Learn about senior care jobs for companion caregivers and certified nursing aides or home health aides.  As some seniors require around-the-clock care, weekday, weekend, evening and night shifts are available.

Caregiverlist provides a caregiver resume builder, explanation of a caregiver job description and you may apply for professional senior care jobs near you.

Nursing Home Costs

Nursing home costs are something that few want to think about until the needs arise.  And then you really need the information.
Hospital stays have become shorter as Medicare will cover nursing home care for rehabilitation after a major medical incident and hospitalization - for up to 100 days.

Medicaid, for low-income seniors with few assets, will pay for ongoing care in a nursing home.  However, the quality of care at nursing homes with a high level of Medicaid residents, unfortunately, can vary widely. 

Find out the daily prices of nursing homes nationwide, along with the acceptance of Medicare and Medicaid.  Remember that some nursing homes and Continuing Care Retirement Communities would not accept you initially as a Medicaid resident, but if you were to run out of your private pay funds once you were admitted on private pay, they would allow you to remain with Medicaid as a payment form.

$25 For Online Survey Participants: Patients With Kidney Ailments and Their Caregivers

The National Kidney Foundation is conducting an online survey to understand the needs of patients with certain serious
kidney ailments and their caregivers. 

Harris Interactive, a market research firm is conducting the survey.

Participants must be assisting someone with a kidney ailment:
  • Family Caregivers (Parents, Siblings, Friends)
  • Paid Professional Caregivers (Nursing Aides or Home Caregivers)
If you choose to participate, you will first be asked qualifying questions and then be given a 30-minute online survey.  Upon completion, you will receive $25.  The National Kidney Foundation is conducting this survey to assist with improving services to patients and caregivers.

To participate, contact via e-mail:

Caregivers may find training information and apply for caregiving jobs in their area on Caregiverlist's Career Center.

A Place for Mom Settles Class-Action Lawsuit

Senior care quality standards and ethics seem like something that should go hand-in-hand.  It is important to understand the quality standards for senior home care agencies and also for any senior care company you may work with as a caregiver or senior.

Seattle based A Place for Mom sells leads to assisted living communities and senior home care agencies by hiring 100% commission Advisors who are paid when the senior is placed in a company that has agreed to pay A Place for Mom a placement fee.  However, employees and a court agreed the company was not paying their own employees as they should. 

A Place for Mom settled a federal class-action lawsuit for $1.7 million involving 222 employees in April, 2010.  The suit was filed in 2008 alleging labor violations and uncompensated overtime and delayed commission payments along with unreimbursed job-related expenses.

Caregiverlist provides quality standards for senior home care agencies and the daily prices of nursing homes nationwide, along with by-state senior services to assist seniors and their families to plan for senior care.  Caregiverlist also provides a Career Center with training and employment information and jobs for professional caregivers. , ,
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