Join the Movement to Cure Alzheimer's Disease

Us Against Alzheimer's has formed to create a movement to stop Alzheimer's Disease by 2020.  By spreading the word about Alzheimer's, communicating with politicians to promote legislative support of research and clinical trials, Us Against Alzheimer's will work to keep the conversation moving.

Alzheimer's Disease Statistics
  • One in Eight Seniors Age 65 of Older Have the Disease
  • 36 Million People Worldwide are Afflicted with Alzheimer's Disease
  • 6th Leading Cause of Death in the U.S.A.
Researchers believe it is possible to find a cure for Alzheimer's Disease by 2020.  More than 500 clinical trials have been conducted to identify a possible treatment. 

By joining the movement "Us Against Alzheimer's Disease", you will help push for more legislation to fund more research to find a cure and support seniors living with the disease.  This includes considering the costs of caring for seniors with Alzheimer's Disease - you may find the actual daily prices of nursing homes nationwide and senior care agencies on Caregiverlist, to learn more about the financial impact of this disease.

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  • Mahe Afridi

    10/8/2010 3:04:37 PM | Reply

    Im MAHE AFRIDI from INDIA.Im running an ngo MAHENOOR FOUNDATION  for poor AD patients.My dad had alzheimer's at d age of 57yr.I left my job n my social life for him.As a daughter,as a caregiver i did my best for him .He was my sky,my best friend n whole bounches of relations for me so i was his shadow whn he was going thru AD.At d last stage of AD he became like a new born baby for me.Every night when he slept I cried for him.When i lost him,i felt my life has gone.But i hd a aim n tht s to help poor AD  patients.I lost my mom too.Im running my Org Mahenoor Foundation thru my own writing money n few kind people donation.AD patients need ur love,care n still going thru my parents trauma,anguish n grief. Plz support my page n join me.Thanx...


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