Social Media for Professionals: What Do You Want Your Employer to See?

Professional senior caregivers will change positions more than other professionals because of the unique dynamics of the work:  seniors who need caregivers will eventually pass away or get better and no longer need the care services. 

Technology has changed the way we live.  You can find anything you want to know in an instant with a Google keyword search:  with more than a million searches are made each minute.  Social media and smart phones allow you to keep up with the daily activities of friends and family.  And it allows employers to learn more about you before they extend the job offer.

When it comes time to interview for a new job position, remember that your employer can also google you!  What information will they find?  What do you have on your Facebook page?  What e-mail address are you using?  Does it sound professional?  If it does not, there are many free email services, including Google's gmail which will allow you to even forward other e-mail addresses to one gmail address.

Remember that in real life, the conversations you have with your best friends and school mates are a little different from the conversations you have with your boss, your parents and your clients.  Because of generational gaps and different cultural tastes, what is acceptable for one person can come off as offensive for another. 

Remember too, that even in e-mail, when the tone of voice is missing and the sometimes the context, words can be taken the wrong way - it is the same with social network profiles.  Keep the right "face" forward when you are interviewing for a new job position.

Another way to show your personality and skills beyond just your job positions and education, is to create a caregiver resume.  You may use Caregiverlist's resume builder tool and apply for a job position in your area.

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  • In Home Care Portland

    11/15/2010 9:06:53 PM | Reply

    What a difficult topic these days.  As an employer it's tough to not use social media outlets if more information about an applicant is available.  But, boy is that a slippery slope...


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