Katie Couric & Sesame Street Help Families with Grieving

Katie Couric visited Chicago last Friday and spoke to a group of business owners about current news topics and also shared with us some of her current projects which include a new cancer center in Virginia, in honor of her sister, Emily, who died of pancreatic cancer at age 54.

And, Katie said she was invited to talk about handling grief for a Sesame Street special and the reviews have been very positive - she has already received e-mails from parents who lost a spouse and found the Sesame Street show helps to discuss the loss of a loved one with children.

The Sesame Workshop special, called  "When Families Grieve" features Katie Couric and the Sesame Street Muppets. The show aired on PBS on April 14th and presents the personal stories about coping with the death of a parent and the strategies families have used to move forward.

Caregivers and families may view the special and learn about the grief kits Sesame Street is distributing to military families, by visiting their website.

Caregivers may also share their own caregiving story with others and learn about coping skills for caring for terminal patients on Caregiverlist's Career Center.

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  • Melanie

    4/20/2010 4:07:49 AM | Reply

    It can be difficult  and not natural to talk about something tragic (like a death in a family). And when it happens you don't how to react and in complete denial.  Yet it is crucial to grieve properly in order to move on with your life.┬áMy grandfather passed very unexpectedly and I was in such shock that it took me quiet sometimes to let him go, but at the time not forget him and move on with my life.


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