Health Insurance Companies Concerned About Commissions

Healthcare reform is very much needed, those on both sides of the fence agree.  Because our current system does not provide health insurance premiums equally to those who are individually insured separate from those who are in group insurance plans and places the burden on employers, many Americans, including senior caregivers, do not have health insurance.

The Consumer Watchdog group, a nonprofit consumer advocacy group, reports that insurance agents are paid as much as 20% of a customer's health insurance premium and that compensation should be cut.  The group promotes the communication of the details of issues and their impact on consumers and is highlighting this fact at the same time insurance companies and agents are asking to be exempt from the healthcare reform clause that requires insurers to use at least 80% of their premiums on improving quality and healthcare.

Yep, your current health insurance premium doesn't all go towards healthcare.  If the insurance companies were to play more fairly by using the premiums to format programs for preventive health care and better care, so the debate goes, everyone would benefit,  as the money would be going back into the service.

Many seniors have never had health insurance until reaching retirement age and qualifying for Medicare or Medicaid.  As healthcare reform continues, perhaps more preventive health care measures will be included to allow for health aging.


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