Financial Steps for Caregivers

Women's Institute for a Secure Retirement provides caregivers with financial planning steps to organize budgets to be able to manage the costs of caregiving.  The institute works to improve the long-term financial security of all women through education and advocacy.

As the majority of senior caregivers are women, we are providing their Financial Steps for Caregivers:

  • Create a Household Budget
  • Considerations when Leaving a Job or Working Part-time
  • Discussing with Your Family the Impact of Being a Family Caregiver
  • Check to See if Saving Enough for a Secure Retirement for Yourself
  • Finding Extra Help for Older Adults
  • Understanding Financial Terms
  • Government and Non-Profit Resources
You may learn more at the Wiser Women's Institute website.  It is always a good idea to begin planning ahead before care services are needed.  You can learn about the costs and ratings of nursing homes in your area and find "by state" services on Caregiverlist.


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