Gallup Poll: Family Caregivers Suffer from Poorer Physical Health

Professional caregivers know that working as a caregiver requires both physical and emotional strength.  No two days are alike and seniors may suffer from memory loss and other age-related diseases that progress slowly.

A Gallup Poll now confirms that family caregivers suffer from poorer health, especially if they are also working a full time job.

Here are the findings of the Gallup survey, based on 140,853 interviews with American adults employed full time conducted between January 2 - November 24, 2010:

  • Family Caregivers ages 18 to 29 suffer the physical effects of caregiving more than any other group
  • Family Caregivers are more likely to have higher blood pressure
  • Family Caregivers are more likely to have recurring neck or back pain

Family Caregivers participating in the survey who are employed full-time were these ages:
  • 6% aged 18 to 29
  • 22% aged 30 to 44
  • 65% aged 45 to 64
  • 6% aged 65 or older
The caregiving study confirms what those who provide professional care have always known:  along with being stressful, caregiving often requires significant physical activity, such as assisting with transfers into and out of wheelchairs, vehicles and bed, physical therapy assistance and helping with activities of daily living which include bathing, dressing, toileting, eating and maintaining a clean household.

Younger adults who provide caregiving services to loved ones suffer a disproportionate negative effect on their health.

This is why it is also important to hire a professional senior caregiving agency to provide home care services for your family members, as they provide payroll benefits and support to the caregiver and manage the entire care plan.

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  • Kathleen Plano

    2/6/2011 4:24:39 PM | Reply

    What is the going rate for a caregiver?

  • Julie

    2/7/2011 4:51:05 PM | Reply

    Depending on the area of the country, caregivers are paid more than minimum wage, usually from $9 to $14 per hour + benefits.

  • Pam

    2/20/2011 12:12:56 PM | Reply

    I am a 24/7 Senior Caregiver. I love my job and my 88 yr old patient but the family thinks that 3 to 4 hrs off a week are enough.  How do I go about telling them it is NOT enough and I need 1 full day off a week without the risk of losing my job.  I also am only making 150 per day. Thank you for any and all input.


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