New Alzheimer's Drugs Fighting for Approval

Alzheimer's disease drugs available now can only slow the progression of the disease.  As pharmaceutical companies conduct clinical trials on as many as 100 new drugs for the disease, there is hope this could change.

Blocking amyloid beta, a protein  fragment, for forming in the brain, the theory goes, could prevent the disease from developing.  However, for clinical trials to show results, diagnosis of memory loss must be made very early.

The seventh leading cause of death, the disease can take a toll on not just the senior suffering from memory loss but also their caregivers.

Learn about caring for seniors with memory loss and the latest drug studies which could help in the future.  Caregivers can also encourage seniors to be sure to take a mini-mental exam at their doctor's visits for early diagnosis of the type of memory loss they may be experiencing.

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  • Stella

    8/5/2010 12:31:35 PM | Reply

    Alzheimer's is such a devastating disease, this is welcome news indeed. Let's hope that these new drugs will be developed and readily available soon. Thanks, too, for the videos on your site ( They really show how challenging it can be to care for someone with A.D.


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