C.N.A. Jobs

Certified Nursing Aides, also called Certified Nursing Assistants or C.N.A.'s have many different job opportunities.

C.N.A. training involves an investment of $500 to $3,000, depending on what part of the country you live in.  Many community colleges and non-profit programs provide tuition grants and scholarships.  In addition, some employers will provide a bonus for C.N.A. training after the employee completes a certain time period of employment.

Why are ongoing job opportunities available for C.N.A.'s?
Because by law, nursing homes and hospitals must staff a certain percentage of certified nursing assistants, based on the number of patients admitted.  Some caregiving tasks may also only be administered by trained nursing aides.

What training is required to become Certified?
Attending a state approved certification training school will qualify you to take the state nursing aide certification exam. You can find schools in your area and take a sample nursing aide test or a practice nursing aide test to learn more about the skills which are taught.

How much money do C.N.A.'s earn?
Pay will range from $9.00 to $18 per hour, depending on the job duties, number of patients and the company's full benefit package offering.

You may also begin learning about nursing aide skills by first working as a senior companion caregiver for a senior home care agency. Agencies will provide you with training for ongoing assignments, usually providing one-on-one care for a senior.

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