Certified Nursing Assistant Rescues Infant

The shootings in Alabama this week brought the spotlight to a Certified Nursing Assistant who came to the rescue of a 3-month old baby who was the one survivor on the front porch of the shooter's uncle's home.  With the baby's mother shot and killed,  along with four others, Alina Knowles quietly crept onto the porch to avoid being seen by the shooter and brought the baby to safety at a neighbor's house.

Her training helped her to respond with calmness to an emergency situation.

Many caregivers for seniors become certified nursing aides after a personal experience of caregiving.  Caregiverlist's "Share Your Story" allows caregivers to share their experience of caregiving and also tell about what lead them to provide care as a professional caregiver.  Caregivers working as Certified Nursing Aides learn how to cope with the emotional challenges of caregiving, as well as how to provide physical care assistance as well.


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  • Cindy

    3/25/2010 3:53:39 AM | Reply

    Wow, Alina Knowles is such a hero with a kind heart<3<3<3. We need more people like her. Feel so sad that the baby family get killed wonder what happen to the baby now. Kudos to this CNA for saved the life of this innocent babySmile  


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