Certified Nursing Assistant Careers

Certified Nursing Assistant programs are available for senior caregivers and provide training for the skills needed to become certified to work for nursing homes, hospitals, hospices and senior home care agencies.

Certified Nursing Assistants help with all the hands-on care for a senior.  The training is usually from 6 to 8 weeks and must follow with a successful score on the state Certified Nursing Aide exam in the state that is administering the test.

C.N.A.'s work for senior care facilities as many must maintain a minimum number of certified nursing assistants on staff at all times in order to maintain their licensure.  As some seniors who are patients of hospitals or hospices may need full care assisting with transfers from bed to wheelchair to toilet, a C.N.A. is required to perofrm the care services.

C.N.A. jobs deliver a rewarding career and the pay is more than minimum wage but because the pay is still usually between $10 and $18 per hour, it is very important to consider the benefits and the work environment. 

Research C.N.A. schools near you and apply for a caregiving job to gain experience as you consider this career.  Many women looking to rejoin the workforce after raising a family, who may not have any formal education or training, find work in the senior care industry fulfilling and a way to begin a career path.


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