New Caregiving Game: Caregiver Village

Caregivers can now enjoy the benefits of online gaming.  By engaging in game playing, we are able to satisfy some of our daily human needs:  engagement, fulfillment and reward. 

The Caregiver Village delivers a community for caregivers to interact with others, journal about their experiences and play the caregiving game to solve a mystery, learn about challenges other caregivers are experiencing as you use your skills to help solve some of these problems.  And there is a little romance along the way as well, so you won't get bored!

Professional senior caregivers, or those thinking of becoming one, can also gain new caregiving skills in the village.  Learn all about why playing games can also be beneficial for your own health at the Caregiving Village.  If you would like to obtain more training as a caregiver, you'll also find tools for this.


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