Find Caregiver Training Programs: Professional Caregivers and C.N.A.'s

Senior caregivers require training in delivering physical and emotional care to seniors and understanding signs of senior abuse and financial fraud.  As the senior care industry expands to add more varieties of care services, training to meet the needs of senior care plans becomse important to maintain quality standards.

Training for Senior Caregivers

Caregiver Certification:  10-hour online training course that teaches and confirms caregiver knows the basic skills required for caregiving.  Caregivers learn about effective communication techniques, how to report daily activities, safely assist with elimination and toileting, assist with personal care needs, promote and maintain mobility and how to be alert for signs of elder abuse.  Professional caregivers working for senior home care agencies may be required to complete a certain number of hours of training before being assigned to a client and this 10-hour online caregiver certification course meets these state training requirements in states such as Illinois.

Certified Nursing Assistant Training:  in order for consistent standards to be upheld in nursing facililities, hospitals, hospices and assisted living communities and for long-term care insurance companies, the Department of Health in each state has created a certification training program for nursing aides, also called nursing assistants.  To become a Certified Nursing Assistant, you must first attend a state approved C.N.A. program.  You may review Caregiverlist's C.N.A. School Directory to find nursing assistant programs near you along with their costs and admission requirements.  Once you have completed a C.N.A. training course, you must pass the state exam.  Take a Sample C.N.A. exam or a Practice C.N.A. exam to learn more.

American Red Cross Family Caregiving Program:  designed for those who care for the elderly, ill, or disabled at home. The program covers home safety, assisting with personal care (including bathing), healthy eating, and caring for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.  Visit the Red Cross website to learn more.

Companion caregivers working for senior home care agencies require only personal experience to be hired and then the company will provide additional training and they may take the online caregiver training to become a professional caregiver.


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