Prisoners Caregiving for Prisoners with Dementia

 Aging brings many challenges, as senior caregivers know.  For those who are behind bars serving time, many times for crimes committed years ago, developing dementia brings a new challenge to caregiving.

Costs of caregiving can escalate as care needs increase, with around-the-clock care costing as much as $80,000 or more per year for private professional caregiving services or a nursing home.

Prisoners are now becoming caregivers for other prisoners with dementia, the New York Time reports.  The same challenges exist, except when they are locked in their cell, they are alone.  The good news is there is no chance they will become confused and “wander” and forget their way home.  The bad news is there is not anyone available to enter their cell and calm them when they are confused about the time of day and where they are and who they are seeing in the mirror.

View the video to see how prisoners are coping as caregivers.


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