Caregiver Duties for Professional Caregivers May be Companion Care (No Nursing Aide Training Required)

Senior caregivers continue to be needed to keep up with the staffing for senior care.  Many seniors require part-time caregiving to maintain a healthy lifestyle in their homes as they age.  Senior care companies are constantly recruiting trustworthy individuals to work as senior caregivers.

Caregiverlist's Career Center connects senior care companies with pre-qualified senior caregivers.  Many companies hire from 5 to 10 new caregivers each week.  As many people think you must be a nurse to do caregiving, we want to explain the caregiving positions that are available.

Anyone with a caring personality who appreciates the needs of an older adult, can become a senior caregiver.  Seniors with memory loss, for example, often only need a companion caregiver.  Other seniors may be battling an age related illness such as arthritis or diabetes and simply have difficulty with daily tasks and only require a companion caregiver.

Caregiver Duties for Companion Caregivers include:

  • Assisting with Meal Preparation
  • Organizing Appointment Calendar
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Engaging in Mental or Physical Stimulation
  • Keeping Household Needs Scheduled
  • Monitoring Medications
  • Companionship
Sometimes adult children who live far away from a parent simply want to know someone is checking in on their parent regularly. All of us will experience some memory loss as we age.  A companion caregiver can be there to make sure the senior can safely age-in-place. Companion caregivers are also often hired when a spouse passes away. 

Anyone interested in becoming a senior caregiver may take this online course to learn the basic caregiving skills.  Refer-a-Friend to a caregiving job on Caregiverlist or apply now if you are interested in fulfilling part-time or full-time work in your area. The number of seniors will nearly double in the next decade and this can be an ongoing career.

Online caregiver training can be taken at your own pace and meets new requirements mandated in California (AB1217), Illinois, Georgia and several other states that now require caregiver training.  More than 30 states still do not have legislation mandating senior caregiver training although they often do require licensed senior home care agencies to provide basic training.


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