Understanding the Affordable Care Act

Health insurance has continued to attract the sensational pundits on both sides of the fence.  But what does the new healthcare law really include and not include?  It does make insurance available for everyone, including those with pre-existing conditions.  As Vice President Joe Biden has stated, we do pay for health care for everyone, although the backwards way, via emergency room visits as emergency rooms cannot turn patients away.  Medical doctors will also tell you this.

Find the answers to the questions, without the misleading tidbits of information the news media likes to bounce back and forth by visiting the Affordable Care Act's website.

Learn when provisions go into place and the impact on companies providing insurance along with the tax credits for small businesses.

Caregiverlist's survey showed that more than 50% of senior caregivers do NOT have health insurance.  This is because the current system does not make it easy for small businesses to provide for health insurance nor for the self-employed to have access to health insurance when they are not giving the insurance companies the benefit of spreading the cost among many as part of a group health plan.

It is interesting to note that with our current health care system, many seniors have never had health insurance their entire life until they go onto Medicaid upon retirement at age 65.  It would be interesting to guess the amount of savings Medicaid would enjoy if all of these seniors would have had preventive healthcare their entire lives.


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