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Caregiver jobs are growing at an incredible rate. According to the latest statistics, an average of 4.5 caregivers are hired by senior home care agencies per week. The senior home care industry has grown 40% since 2008 because more seniors prefer to age in place, at home.

So how do you stand out as a home care specialist in your search as a CNA, home companion, or Home Health Aide? What will make you an especially attractive job candidate for a quality senior home care agency?

A background check is essential if you are going to work in the caregiving industry. Because seniors are especially vulnerable, families and home care agencies will insist that you are free from criminal behavior and financial irresponsibility. Many employers will insist that you have a background check  before you walk in the door. Certainly, a good background check will give you a leg-up on the competition and prove to any prospective employer that you can be trusted with elderly care.

What will a background check show? Most will show:
    •    Social Security number confirmation (name matches the number)
    •    Current and historical felony convictions
    •    Arrest record (usually only actual convictions)

A senior home care agency must review the information found in the background check, but cannot use it to discriminate in hiring an applicant. View the video "How Employers Review a Caregiver Background Check."   

Each state has its own background check law requirements. You can see review your state’s laws for background check disclosures with Caregiverlist’s Background Check List (FCRA ) by State.

Not all online background checks are equal, so to make sure you get the report that will get you the job, has made it easy for you.

You can purchase a simple Social Security Number Match. This verifies your name matches your Social Security number for current and former addresses and shows employers you are who you say you are. It is the very minimum required in order to secure a senior caregiver job.
Cost: $8.00 Turnaround time to receive: Same day as submitted.

You can also request a Criminal Super Search with Social Security Number Match. Your best value, this report verifies your name matches your Social Security number for current and former addresses to verify you are who you say you are AND provides instant multi-state search of criminal records (includes District of Columbia). Includes felony and misdemeanor records, sex-offender records, inmate records and arrest information for 3 counties.
Cost: $18.00 Turnaround time to receive: Same day as submitted.

Give yourself the best opportunity at a job with the best senior home care agencies. At the very least, see what your background check says about you. And once you have a great report in hand, apply for a part-time or full-time Senior Caregiving Job.

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