Senior Caregiver Training: Care for the Caregiver Day

Caring for the Caregiver:  are you taking care of yourself as a senior caregiver?

Caregiving brings many challenges beyond just delivering the skills of the job.  As seniors are dealing with all that comes with the natural process of aging - losing loved ones to death, memory loss, physical challenges and age-related illnesses - the caregivers are closest to them and also the first person to receive the backlash of any emotional issues they are processing.

Caregiverlist's Care for the Caregiver Day on October 14th provided free training workshops for professional caregivers plus free lunch, free snacks, free massages and a "Get Hired!" seminar with professional senior care companies.  The caregivers in attendance enjoyed being able to ask all the questions they have ever wanted to ask about working as a professional senior caregiver and the interview and hiring process.

The next Chicago Care for the Caregiver Day is on November 12, 2010 - learn more and RSVP

Social Media for Professionals: What Do You Want Your Employer to See?

Professional senior caregivers will change positions more than other professionals because of the unique dynamics of the work:  seniors who need caregivers will eventually pass away or get better and no longer need the care services. 

Technology has changed the way we live.  You can find anything you want to know in an instant with a Google keyword search:  with more than a million searches are made each minute.  Social media and smart phones allow you to keep up with the daily activities of friends and family.  And it allows employers to learn more about you before they extend the job offer.

When it comes time to interview for a new job position, remember that your employer can also google you!  What information will they find?  What do you have on your Facebook page?  What e-mail address are you using?  Does it sound professional?  If it does not, there are many free email services, including Google's gmail which will allow you to even forward other e-mail addresses to one gmail address.

Remember that in real life, the conversations you have with your best friends and school mates are a little different from the conversations you have with your boss, your parents and your clients.  Because of generational gaps and different cultural tastes, what is acceptable for one person can come off as offensive for another. 

Remember too, that even in e-mail, when the tone of voice is missing and the sometimes the context, words can be taken the wrong way - it is the same with social network profiles.  Keep the right "face" forward when you are interviewing for a new job position.

Another way to show your personality and skills beyond just your job positions and education, is to create a caregiver resume.  You may use Caregiverlist's resume builder tool and apply for a job position in your area.

Senior Caregiver Training

Training for senior caregivers is ongoing, as the care needs for seniors change and new research in age-related diseases produces new treatment approaches.

Senior caregivers can view training videos and take online training programs which are customized into individual modules for short-training sessions.  Training includes learning how to safely transfer, interact effectively with senior's with memory loss and caring for seniors with other age-related diseases.

Take a practice or sample certified nursing aide exam and preview caregiver training to help become a more effective senior caregiver.

Caregiver Resumes

Professional senior caregivers gain new skills daily.  Assisting a senior with daily activities of living presents new challenges each day.  At the same time, sometimes a professional caregiver must seek a new position after a senior client passes away or experiences an improvement in their health conditions and no longer need assistance from a caregiver.

Caregivers applying for a new job may update their skills by creating a caregiver resume.

Build a resume with Caregiverlist's free resume builder.  View caregiver resume examples and learn how to make your resume highlight your experiences and skills.

You may apply for a senior caregiving job in your area and also research nursing aide certification programs and online training for non-medical caregivers.

FREE Caregiver Training in Chicago: Oct. 14th

Caregiver training for senior caregivers must be an ongoing process, to keep up with the latest care techniques, most current research on age-related illnesses and to expand skill sets for both the physical and emotional aspects of caregiving.  In addition, because the additional stresses of caregiving, from managing the needs of family members and medical professionals, professional caregivers can always use some relaxation.

Caregiverlist knows the challenges of caregiving.  And the challenges of accessing quality training to meet the demands of a busy schedule.

Join us on October 14, 2010, for a day of "Caring for the Caregiver".

Location:  Downtown Chicago at Illinois School of Health Careers, 11 East Adams Street, 2nd Floor (at State Street)

Time:  10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Training Workshops
  • Transferring Skills
  • Coping with Attachment and Grief
  • Communicating with Mentally Challenged Patients
  • Get Hired! Seminar
  • Online Training Tools
  • Career Counselors Available to Explore Caregiver Certification Programs
Enjoy free massages, meet other caregivers, meet graduates of medical certification programs and enjoy free lunch, free snacks and a day of training and fun.  Stop by anytime - open house format.

Learn more and RSVP:  Care for the Caregiver Day in Chicago, Illinois

Join the Movement to Cure Alzheimer's Disease

Us Against Alzheimer's has formed to create a movement to stop Alzheimer's Disease by 2020.  By spreading the word about Alzheimer's, communicating with politicians to promote legislative support of research and clinical trials, Us Against Alzheimer's will work to keep the conversation moving.

Alzheimer's Disease Statistics
  • One in Eight Seniors Age 65 of Older Have the Disease
  • 36 Million People Worldwide are Afflicted with Alzheimer's Disease
  • 6th Leading Cause of Death in the U.S.A.
Researchers believe it is possible to find a cure for Alzheimer's Disease by 2020.  More than 500 clinical trials have been conducted to identify a possible treatment. 

By joining the movement "Us Against Alzheimer's Disease", you will help push for more legislation to fund more research to find a cure and support seniors living with the disease.  This includes considering the costs of caring for seniors with Alzheimer's Disease - you may find the actual daily prices of nursing homes nationwide and senior care agencies on Caregiverlist, to learn more about the financial impact of this disease.

Caregiver Resume Writer

Caregivers caring for seniors are constantly gaining new skills.  As additional training skills are acquired and more experience has been gained, it is beneficial to update your resume.

By using a resume builder, senior caregivers can highlight their strengths and make it easier for employers to see what skills they will bring to their open positions.

Review caregiver resumes and write your own resume before applying for a caregiver position.

Certified Nursing Aide Practice and Sample Tests

Certified Nursing Aides, also sometimes called Certified Nursing Assistants or C.N.A.'s, provide the hands-on care for seniors in nursing homes, hospitals and for senior home care, including hospice care.  The demand for certified nursing aides will continue as the senior population increases.

After completing a nursing aide course, provided by an approved college or program, graduating students must then pass the state nursing aide exam in order to officially become "certified".

You may explore becoming a certified nursing aide by taking a sample or practice nursing aide exam.  Headmaster provides the nursing aide testing format for the department of health in several states and provides the practice test which is based on real questions from the exam.

Caregiverlist provides a directory of Certified Nursing Aide Schools in each state, complete with the admission requirements and costs.
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