Alzheimer's Caregivers: Update on Early Diagnosis

Alzheimer's disease research has moved forward with the coordination of multiple organizations and companies to share research data.  The Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative was developed about 10 years ago between two longtime friends. One worked for the National Institute on Aging and the other for a pharmaceutical company.

Bringing together the many different researchers and companies has resulted in identifying biomarkers to diagnose the early stages of the disease, with the hope of developing ways to prevent or treat Alzheimer's disease.

Caregivers for seniors with memory loss can keep up on the latest findings and learn about clinical drug studies which might be appropriate.

Creating a Caregiver Resume

Caregiver resumes should be created to communicate the personality and compassion of the caregiver, along with the work history and education.  This allows employers to see beyond the basic skill sets the caregiver will bring. learning about their motivations to work as a senior caregiver.

How do you achieve this goal?

One of the easiest ways to communicate your caring personality is to share a story about your caregiving experiences or share why you became a professional caregiver in the very beginning of your caregiving career.

Did you have a brother or sister or parent or grandparent you had to provide caregiving services for because of an illness they suffered?  Some of the most compassionate professional caregivers were first family caregivers.  Maybe a grandparent was dying of cancer or recovering from a stroke and you assisted them with their meals or household tasks and decided caregiving would be a fulfilling career.

Think of a time when you helped someone else which would communicate why you are a caring and compassionate person.  Did a neighbor lose their spouse and you began bringing them meals and stopping by each week just to talk?  Did you volunteer at a nursing home or hospital or through a church program?  Share these personal caregiving stories in your cover letter.  If the caregiver job application allows you to share other experiences or other items they should know, take advantage of the opportunity to speak from the heart to let the hiring managers see beyond your education and work history.

Use a resume builder to write your own caregiving resume and attach it to job applications to work as a companion caregiver or certified nursing aide.  Caregiverlist's Career Center connects you with senior care jobs in your area.

Caregiver Job Application

Senior care companies have specific hiring requirements for companion caregivers and nursing aides in order to provide high quality care along with integrity and trust.  Many part-time and full-time job opportunities are available as many times care requirements fluctuate as a senior's care needs change.

Review a caregiver job application, caregiver job description and build your own resume to better prepare for applying for a senior care position in your area.

You may also read caregiver experience sharing stories from other caregivers and review caregiver training information on Caregiverlist's Career Center.
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