Caregiver Employment Opportunities

Working as a senior caregiver will guarantee on-going employment as the large Baby Boomer generation continues to age (former U.S. president's Bill Clinton and George W. Bush both are leading the way into retirement for this generation which spans to include anyone born between 1946 to 1964).

Americans are living longer because of advances in health care and choosing to remain active and engaged throughout the retirement years.  This means more seniors will stay in their homes and need part-time and full-time caregiving services.  Seniors with memory loss often require part-time care to keep their daily routine on track.

Nursing homes, hospitals and assisted living communities hire Certified Nursing Aides to assist with hands-on care for seniors.

Learn more about senior care positions and apply for a job near you, as staff openings occur daily for senior care companies as senior's are discharged from the hospital or nursing home after strokes, hip replacements and other medical events.
Companion caregivers do not need experience beyond a caring personality.  Training is available online to learn how to care for senior's with age-related illnesses.

20 Year Anniversary of Americans With Disabilities Law

Americans with Disabilities Act was passed 20 years ago today.  The fight against disability discrimination resulted in passage of this law requiring companies to offer fair employment opportunities to the disabled. 

EEOC Commissioner Chai Feldblum says:  "Work is key to the soul.  It's not just about paying the bills.  It's about feeling important, about feeling useful.  Everyone should be able to work, if they can."

This mirrors the benefits of working as a professional caregiver as every day you help a senior, you also feed your soul.  You know for sure that you made a difference in someone's day because you showed up to work.

It is easy to become a companion caregiver.  You can apply for a job and be considered by senior care companies in your area.  New assignments arrive daily, as seniors are discharged from hospitals and nursing homes.  The only experience required for companion care positions is a caring personality and availability for a consistent part-time or full-time schedule.

You may also learn about becoming a certified nursing aide by taking a sample nursing aide test or researching training schools in your area.

New Alzheimer's Drugs Fighting for Approval

Alzheimer's disease drugs available now can only slow the progression of the disease.  As pharmaceutical companies conduct clinical trials on as many as 100 new drugs for the disease, there is hope this could change.

Blocking amyloid beta, a protein  fragment, for forming in the brain, the theory goes, could prevent the disease from developing.  However, for clinical trials to show results, diagnosis of memory loss must be made very early.

The seventh leading cause of death, the disease can take a toll on not just the senior suffering from memory loss but also their caregivers.

Learn about caring for seniors with memory loss and the latest drug studies which could help in the future.  Caregivers can also encourage seniors to be sure to take a mini-mental exam at their doctor's visits for early diagnosis of the type of memory loss they may be experiencing.

Caregiver Resume Examples

Caregiver resume examples can provide you with ideas for what information to include in your resume.  Creating an easy-to-read format with professional design will also make a positive first-impression to employers.

View a Sample Resume and tips for writing a professional caregiver resume and build your own resume with a pre-written resume template.

Many senior caregiving positions do not officially require a resume to be submitted along with the job application, which only makes those applications with resumes look even more professional and desirable as job candidates.

Drug Company Pay-offs Delay Generic Drug Launches

Prescription drugs for seniors are one of the largest monthly living expenses.  Medicare does not pay 100% for medications.  While the prescribed medicines can keep senior's alive longer, their cost can be a substantial burden for a senior.

Earlier this year, a focus was placed on the lobbying dollars spent by the pharmaceutical industry.  This industry has one of the largest lobbying staffs in Washington, D.C. and also spends the most money on donations to both Republican and Democratic politicians.  They just happen to want legislation to go in the direction that will keep their companies profitable, which is understandable, if the practices are legal and ethical. 

However, it has now been made public that the drug companies have been making pay-offs to delay the debut of generic medications, which cost much less.  This means that seniors must continue to pay the monopoly prices for the medication their doctor subscribes, since the drug companies are basically paying off a competitor to not produce a lower cost version of the medication.  Ouch!

The House of Representatives passed a bill on July 1st that would make these practices illegal.  The Federal Trade Commission estimates this current practice costs consumers $35 billion over 10 years.

Learn about Medicare and Medicaid coverage.  Keep an eye on this legislation and find out about senior care programs in your state on Caregiverlist.

C.N.A. Schools

Certified Nursing Aide Schools, or C.N.A. Schools, provide state-approved training programs for caregivers seeking to become certified as nursing assistants.  Certification is required to meet the training guidelines established by the Department of Health in each state.

What are the requirements for admission in a Certified Nursing Aide Training program?
  • Diploma or G.E.D.
  • Successful Completion of Criminal Background Check
  • Successful Completion of Drug Test
  • English competency
  • Minimum age of 18
Most C.N.A. training programs are from 4 to 8 weeks in length.  Costs range from $600 to $3,000 but many grant and scholarship programs are available and some employers will assist with tuition costs or provide tuition reimbursement after an employee has worked for an established amount of time.

You may find nursing aide training programs near you along with the admission requirements on Caregiverlist's C.N.A. School Directory.
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