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Caregiver resume updates for a new job search can be daunting tasks.

Your resume is a snapshot of your work history and should be designed to reflect your personal style to set you apart from your competition.  As you advance in your career, you will want to show additional training you may have obtained and demonstrate why you are a quality job candidate.

Use a resume template to easily plug in your work history, skills and references.

View a sample resume and build your resume easily with our resume builder template.  Caregivers may attach a resume to their job application to demonstrate their professionalism and make it easy for employers to check references and verify information for a faster job offer.
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Caregiver Resume

Caregivers with experience caring for seniors may enhance their job application with a resume to outline their care skills and provide references.  This will make it easier for employers to quickly understand your work history and to verify your information by contacting the references.

View a sample resume and follow a resume template to create your own resume (for free) and attach it to job applications to demonstrate your professionalism and motivation to be hired.

You may also learn about interview skills and caregiver training through reviewing Certified Nursing Aide exam (take a free sample test or the full practice test).

Caregiving provides fulfillment beyond a paycheck and as the industry continues to grow as the baby boomer population ages, you will be guaranteed ongoing employment.

Caregiving for Seniors with Memory Loss

Family and professional caregivers assisting seniors with memory loss experience a new challenge each day.

The non-profit organization, The Family Caregiver Alliance, administers an award program granting $20,000 to innovative care programs for senior's with Alzheimer's Disease.

Review the current award winners to learn about their approach to caring for seniors with memory loss and submit a program in your community to win the award next year.

You may also learn about caring for seniors with memory loss by reviewing Senior Care Briefs and apply for a senior caregiving job in your area.  Many positions are part-time and senior home care agencies provide training for each assignment.

Caregiver Resume Writing Tips

Presenting a resume, along with your caregiver job application, will make a positive impression on your potential employer.  Why?  Because it will show you are organized and motivated about becoming an employee. It also demonstrates professionalism and helps make their job easier.

A well designed resume will walk an employer through your work history and highlight your current job objective.  It will also provide references along with their phone numbers.  This way the employer does not need to call you for this information when they a ready to move forward with a job offer.

You may view a professional caregiver resume and build your own resume, following a pre-written example on the Caregiverlist Resume Builder.

Find out about training programs in your area and apply for a job as a professional part-time or full-time caregiver.

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Caregiver Job Application Tips

Senior home care agencies, assisted living companies and nursing homes continually must hire caregivers in order to keep up with staffing needs.  Both companion caregivers and certified nursing aides are needed.

When applying for a caregiving position, organize all your information and practice your 30-second commercial telling why you would be the perfect hire for the company's open caregiving position.

Make your commercial personal.  Think about what influenced you to become a professional caregiver or attend nursing aide initially.  Maybe you were part of a caregiving team for a friend or family member or saw a relative suffer from cancer or another disease.

Before showing up for the interview, be sure to have all of your information organized:

  • Resume
  • References (names and phone numbers)
  • Copy of Certificates of Training
  • Copy of Driver's License or State Identification
  • Copy of Birth Certificate or Passport if no State I.D. or Driver's License
You may apply for jobs in your area on Caregiverlist and also produce your own resume at no charge, following a customized resume template for senior care positions.

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